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    Xiaohou was the only daughter of a wealthy family. She lived a sheltered life until her seventh birthday, when her father was murdered. The ones who killed him also captured her and her mother and sold them both into slavery.

    Xiaohou was forced to work under a hutt who specialized in child slaves while her mother was sold to a nameless slavedriver on a faraway star. There was a market for child slaves because they were able to be raised to be more obedient. Those that showed signs of rebelling were either killed or sold to the worst scum of the galaxy. So Xiaohou spent the next seven years of her life complying to whatever master she had. Seen as obedient, hard-working, and talented, she was often sold for great amounts on the black market. Eventually, she was sold to an old chiss general on Nar Shaddaa who had more power and money than he knew what to do with.

    Xiaohou's feigned obedience earned the favor of her latest master and as such she was often pampered and looked after like a princess, answering only to him. On her fourteenth birthday, troopers swarmed the general's estate and freed all of the slaves under his command. She was left on Nar Shaddaa and learned the value of credits and to fend for herself. It wasn't long before she discovered that her father was killed by bounty hunters. She did not know why they were hired but she knew that the answers she sought started with the Bounty Hunter's Association.

    She infiltrated their ranks and became a bounty hunter in her own rights. Eventually she found out that the man who hired the bounty hunters was, at the time, a sith acolyte who greatly admired her mother's beauty and had her father killed so that he may obtain her mother as a slave.

    Originally, Xiaohou had only planned to sneak onto the, now, sith lord's estate to liberate her mother. However, after seeing the degraded and soulless state her mother was in, she went into a rage. Unlike Xiaohou, her mother refused to comply to her capture's wishes and took every opportunity to try to escape. The sith soon grew tired of her insolence and left her to his guards that took every chance they could get to torture and humiliate her. Over the time Xiaohou and her had been apart, she lost all hope and reason to the sith and his guards. She cast aside her emotions and became something irrecognizable. However, upon seeing Xiaohou's face, she began to weep and only asked for one thing: death. She wished to be relieved from the pain she was forced to endure those many years.

    So on her twenty-first birthday, Xiaohou killed her first victim, her mother and not long after, she killed the man that had caused them so much pain. She returned to Nar Shaddaa and put her bounty hunter days to rest. She had done too much to allow herself to go back to a normal life. So she decided to find the most profitable job that didn't force her to kill anyone: a smuggler.

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