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 Tsukkagi was born the daughter of two very wealthy Miralukan nobles. She had a sheltered life growing up, not learning the evils of this galaxy. As Miralukans went, she was remarkably ungifted in the force. Whereas most Miralukans saw their surroundings threw the force, she got by with her physical senses. She heard the birds flick between the trees, she felt the earth crumble beneath her toes, and although she was not one with the force, she still felt apart of it through her senses.

 Tsukkagi was a brilliant girl with a very scientific mind. She found solace in knowing the biology and anatomy of every living creature she could and sought comfort from the feel of machinery in her hands. During her teenage years, her parents sent her to Alderaan for study. There she learned many things. The most important of which was just how twisted and cruel this galaxy can be. She saw families fueding and killing each other for petty rivalry. Cousins under different surnames shooting at each other mercilessly. She could not fully process the violence and bloodshed, so she fled to Tatooine.

 It was on Tatooine that a young padawan, who had just lost his master to one of the many perils found on the desert planet, found her. The padawan, not fully trained to sense the force, saw Tsukkagi for her species and brought her back to Tython to train in the force. The masters there, quickly sensing her lack of ability in the force, decided to study the phenomenon. Tsukkagi had been the first recorded Miralukan to lack a natural affinity to the force. 

 While Tsukkagi was there, she was allowed free roam around any of the safe areas of Tython, with proper escort. However, Tsukkagi would always slip away from her, often Jedi, escort inorder to visit one of the Twilek settlements. During one of these excursions, the Twilek settlement she was visiting came under attack by a band of Fleshraiders. She was killed moments before the Jedi came to rescue her. Her corpse was quickly transported to her parents who used half of their fortune to find someone who could fix what had been done. 

 While the search continued, her body was frozen with Cryo technology and kept on Hoth in hopes that no further harm would come to it. For decades their search came up fruitless. However, one day a Sith lord came up to and through their now unhinged and ajar door. He had heard about their "predicament" from a bounty hunter that frequents the area. He offered them help in exchange for their complete devotion to him. With heavy hearts, they accepted. Tsukkagi's body was transported to a secret bunker on Dromund Kaas, where a mad Chiss scientist, Vickore, implanted many prototype cybernetics inside of her to replace dead tissue, decaying tissue, and missing tissue. One of these implants involved using new technology that would continually fuse midi-chlorians into organic tissue. Another of these implants was a powerful occalar cybernetic that allowed Tsukkagi to scan organic tissue for discrepancies. This not only gave her a newly acquired ability to see, but it also allowed her to scan an enemy for weakpoints.

 Due to most of her brain being replaced with cybernetics, she lost much of her memory. When she was finally activated, she woke up in a great daze. She woke up in an unfamiliar place with new images rapidly and continuously flooding her mind. It overwhelmed her and with a scream, she leveled the entire bunker, effectively killing the Sith lord, Vickore, and her parents in the process.

 Once she adjusted and came to her senses, she found herself in a pile of rubble, staring at faces that she knew should have been familiar. Searching for answers, she snuck aboard a smuggler ship towards the only memory she had left. The Twilek village on Tython...

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