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re: Operations Requirements


Next, the basic requirements to join the team.  We are not going hard core on this, and all of these requirements are easily met with just some time and dedication. 

1 – You must be level 55.  I know there is a new bolster system, but reaching 55 teaches you the basics of how to play your class.

2 – Gear.  There are some basic gear requirements so we can be successful, but we are not going to be asking a lot for the SM Ops.  We ask that everyone on the team be in gear that is at least Item rating 148.  (level 53 blue quality or better gear, the kind that drops from HM FPs.  You can also get better gear by completing the Oricon quest line at level 55)  If you want advice or tips on how to get gear, or help getting to the required level of gear, please feel free to talk to me (Kanim, Canim, or Librus) in guild.  I am more than happy to help out.

3 – TS.  The guild has a TeamSpeak3 server that everyone is welcome to use to socialize.  It is also a requirement to run Ops.  You are only required to be able to listen, but I highly encourage everyone to use a microphone if they have one.  It is always fun to put voices to the names.  The reason for this is to explain the fights and call things out during the fights.  (change of phases, in coming avoidable damage, etc…)  The guild TS info is:  


PASSWORD: EternalHonor

4 – Signing up and being on time.  Once the group gets put together I will be posting Ops day and times on the website calendar.  (sorry, but there is no in-game guild calendar yet.  Keep your fingers crossed that they add one in the future!)  In order to participate you must sign up!  Spots in the Ops Team will be first come first serve, so long as you meet the requirements listed above.  I ask that when you sign up you give the name of the character you want to bring and the roll you would like to play.  (for example Kanim – Tank)  I also ask that everyone be on time and ready to go.  Again, it is not fair for 7 other people to have to wait on you.  (or me!)  At 5 minutes past the listed start time if you are not present I will give your spot to another guild member who wants to join us, or begin looking for a PUG to replace you.  If you sign up and know you are not going to make it please just put a message on the board letting us know.  That being said, we understand real life comes first, and will in no way hold it against you for future Operations if you end up missing an Op you signed up for.

5 – Be courteous to your fellow Ops members and have fun!  Again, there is no point in doing this if it is going to turn into a chore.  The goal is to overcome end-game content together and have fun doing it.  Go into the Ops with a decent attitude and realistic expectations.  We are going to wipe.  You are going to lose that piece of gear that dropped to someone who rolls better.  People are going to get frustrated.  It happens.  Just remember that we will figure out every fight, down every boss, and everyone will get better gear as we go.  Anyone who bashes on their fellow Ops Team members or gets abusive will be kicked and will not be welcome to join us for future Ops.

6 – Loot.  The loot rules are pretty simple.  The loot will be set to loot master.  After every fight I will post loot that drops, one item at a time, and anyone who can use it will be free to roll (done by typing /roll in Ops chat) on the gear.  Please note that you can only roll on gear that your character can use in their current spec.  (also called their “Main Spec”, or MS).  If no one needs a piece of gear, we will ask if anyone want to roll for an alternate spec.  (also called your “Off Spec” or OS).  For example, on Kanim I primarily Tank, but I will occasionally DPS on him.  This makes Tanking his MS and DPS his OS.  He can only roll on Strength based heavy armor (because he is a Knight) that is designed for tanking.  If a piece of Strength based heavy armor that is designed for dps drops and no Strength based DPS players want it, I could roll for it for my OS.  (it’s not as confusing as it sounds, I promise!  I will clarify any questions prior to each Operation.)

That covers the basics.  If you are interested (even if you don’t meet all of the above listed requirements yet) please post a response to this thread, or find me in game.  I look forward to running Ops with everyone in the near future!


Jedi Master Kanim, Eternal Order Ops Leader


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