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re: Operations!


Welcome all to The Eternal Order’s first Operations (Ops) group!

In this post I will address some basics about Ops for those who have not done Ops in this game before.  If you are new to them, please read on.  If you are already familiar with what Ops are and what they entail, feel free to skip to the next post.  There I will talk about how our Ops will be organized and run.

Ops are the primary group oriented PvE end-game content in SWTOR.  They consist instanced area’s designed for groups of 8 or 16 people.  (think FPs, but on a larger scale)

The Ops in this game are different from Raids in other games in that they also continue the storylines of the game.  This is one of the reasons we are interested in putting together an Ops group.  So everyone can see how the stories play out.

Operations are more difficult than flashpoints in that the fights tend to be more complicated and require more coordination from the group.  They can be frustrating, but they are also a lot of fun and can really bring a group together.  (there are few things I enjoy in an MMO as much as finally downing a boss that a Ops group has been stuck on for awhile!)

The Operations in this game come in two levels (the older ones which are 50 and the newer ones which are 55) and thee difficulties.  (Story Mode (SM), Hard Mode (HM), and Nightmare Mode (NiM).  We will primarily be focusing on the level 55 SM Ops.  Though we hope that if the group is successful that we will eventually be able to progress to the level 55 HM Ops.  If there is enough interest, we can also put together Ops to go back and do the old level 50 Ops for those who haven’t seen them.

That covers the basics, if you are interested in giving this kind of content a try, please read on!  The next thread will cover how The Eternal Order will organize and run it’s Operations.

Jedi Master Kanim, Eternal Order Ops Leader


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