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re: The Amakudari


Please don't judge this too harshly. It's been a long time since I've written anything for fun. I wrote this while I was bored in class. So if something seems out of whack or wrong in the "Star Wars" universe, please don't hate me for it. This extends to all my characters by the way.


 The Amakudari 


A republican scientist had discovered an ancient Gree research station. The official Republic name of the project was “project Zoopz”. Over the months of study, he made remarkable discoveries. He had explored every inch of the research station aside from one room which he was unable to open. However he eventually got in the room and discovered what was inside. Inside the room were dozens of consoles, medical equipment, and at the end of the room were eight large tanks with identical children inside. The Gree called the project “The Amakudari”. The Amakudari translates to “descended from the heavens”. He was able to conclude that the Gree were experimenting with what appeared to be superhumans (i.e. stronger, faster, smarter). As far as the scientist could tell, they achieved it with these eight Amakudari. The scientist assumed The Amakudari were clones and decided to name them all “Zoopz” after the name of the project. After running dozens of tests over several months, he concluded that it was safe to release the children from their tanks. To his surprise all of the children had different personalities and they all were very gifted. A couple years later, the scientist had grown very attached to the children and adopted them all. He took them to his home on Coruscant. Word of his discovery had spread throughout his years of recent advancements due to “project Zoopz” and soon there was a bounty posted on his head. A very high price. The bounty hunter who collected on it had killed the scientist. One of the Amakudari proceeded to stop him and was easily defeated. However, the bounty hunter saw potential and took her as a prize on completing his contract. The other seven Amakudari were forced onto the streets where they struggled to survive. One of the Amakudari got separated from the group. The other six Amakudari looked for her for a week but were unable to find her… they suspected that she was dead. Eventually the other six were found by a group of Republic soldiers who took pity on them and brought them back to the base. The soldiers’ jedi commander sensed the force within four of the Amakudari and it was decided that the force sensitives would be taken to Tython while the remaining two Amakudari would stay behind and train to be soldiers. On their way to Tython they were attacked by the Empire and the jedi commander was only able to save one of the three force sensitives. The other three were taken by the Empire.


Zoopzz, the Guardian. She was the one who made it to Tython to be trained as a jedi. She has a strong desire to protect the weak even if it means disobeying the Council. She is a true guardian and a master in her own rights.


Zoopzzs, the Scoundrel. She became separated from her sisters while on the streets and was forced to survive on her own. She learned how to hide, and she learned it quickly and became quite good at it. When she had to fight, she fought dirty, and did not always come out on top. She learned how to patch herself up and became quite comfortable around medical equipment. Even customizing some of her own tech. She won her own starship in a pazaak tournament and began cruising the galaxy. Using her skills she learned on the streets, she smuggles cargo for a living. It’s the only life she knows.


Zoops, the Shadow. Stolen by the Empire, she was to be  taught the ways of the Sith. However the Sith masters were unable to sense what she would become and while they fought over her future, she escaped into the shadows. She was discovered and trained by the Revanites. Following the path of Revan, she learned all she wanted from the dark side and journeyed to Tython in order to learn the ways of the light. Accepted into the order, she became a seeker of knowledge. The path she walks is a mystery, even to the masters of the order.


Zoopzs, the Bounty Hunter. The Amakudari who was taken by the bounty hunter who killed the scientist. She was trained and taught the ways of the hunt by this bounty hunter who was an exiled mandalorian. She grew up learning their ways. She became fascinated in the hunt and naturally became an adrenaline junkie. She isn’t afraid to kill her targets, but she prefers to take her bounties alive.


Zoopss, the Marauder. After being taken by the Empire, she became seduced by the dark side rather quickly. She learned to hate. She wanted everything and everybody to feel her wrath. So she became a marauder, a blade expert… a butcher.


Soopz, the Sorceress. She commanded the greatest amount of force among the Amakudari and was taught the higher powers of the dark side. She learned them quickly, even surpassing her masters. She turned them to ashes. Very ambitious, she leaves charred bodies in her wake.


Zoopzss, the Sniper. Trained by Republic soldiers. Her and Zoopz were the top in their class. Although still cadets, they were taken on a mission to infiltrate an Imperial stronghold. It was supposed to be an easy routine mission, but it was a trap and only Zoopz and a few of the other soldiers were able to escape. Zoopzss was captured and taken to her sister, Soopz, whom had already created a name for herself. She was turned by her sister and now fights for her, rather than the Republic or Empire. She appear to be working for the Empire, but carries out the actions her sister wills. The perfect companion for a Sith. No desire for power, just wants to maintain her position.


Zoopz, the Vanguard. Always gifted in technology, she made several advances in shielding technology which she utilizes for herself. Devastated upon losing her sister, Zoopzss, she vowed to become strong enough to protect those she cares about. Combining her shield tech with her already outstanding natural ability, she has effectively become an army of one. Able to take many more “hits” than her fellow soldiers, she is sent on solo missions where the survival rate is low. No matter the odds, she is willing to accept the mission. While accustomed to working by herself, she welcomes any assistance she can get.




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