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There once was an unmarked planet that lay on the edge of the galaxy. This planet was ruled by an empire, though it was very different from the Sith Empire. This empire was ruled by a race of wise, peaceful, and benevolent sentients. This race was humanoid with jet black, feathered wings and a crown of horns, every crown having a different shape and size according to the individual. They were very gifted in the force and used it to heal, rather than harm. They felt the force and were able to manipulate it in various forms to create wondrous things. They were very open to outsiders… to an extent. Although they let travelers in and out of their home world frequently, any immigrants were forced to live in the colonies located on either one of their two moons.

Even as peaceful as they were, this planet had many problems such is the price for sentience. Eventually a cold war started between the main empire and the colonies. Not much longer as this cold war began did the Sith Empire discover this planet and its inhabitants. Seeking the unique minerals found on this planet, the Empire desired to take claim of this planet. However, they could not simply claim this planet as theirs with sentient beings occupying it and a simple takeover of a peaceful planet would cause unrest among allies. Though The Empire did not start the civil war taking place upon this planet, they did instigate it. Among other things, they sabotaged peace offerings, started riots, and assassinated ambassadors during peace treaties. The planet was torn apart by civil war with both sides losing many people.

By the end of the war, there were no civilians. Those who were not found wearing armor were already dead. In a last ditch effort, the remaining colonies destroyed the planet and the empire along with it. The moons were cast into an endless drift, now free from the confines of the planet’s pull. It was not until The Empire saw fit to come and collect their now destroyed planet that it was discovered that they were at fault. Due to guilt, the remainder of the colonies swore to see to The Empire’s defeat.

On the smaller of these moons, as it drift in space, a child was born. A Mirialan female to be known as Nin’e. Her parents were one of the few surviving colonists that joined the Republic in order to defeat the Sith. As such she was trained from a very young age to be a part of the Republic army. Instead of going to school, she went to Tython to train with the Jedi, not to use the force, but to combat it. By the time she left, she was as adept a fighter as any of the Padawan. She was a resourceful young girl that often used her surroundings to her advantage. She was born kind and would often rather defend her allies against oncoming attacks than pick up a blaster and shoot. However, war is not kind to anyone, and she soon realized several truths about the world. People can do wicked things in the name of justice and that there are two forces that drives that justice: power and money. She began to recognize that those skilled in the force had the power, often defeating an opponent with even greater martial skill than theirs. So she decided to have the money. With money she could buy equipment and supplies to rival those with power (or even bribe those with power to join her cause) and she would do almost any odd job to make a few extra credits. She has long since recognized that to save many, you must be willing to sacrifice a few, no matter what their lives may way. However, her genuinely kind nature will shine through every now and again.


Nin’e is a fast learner and a powerful combatant and her resourcefulness and skill at handling different types of shields kept her in the eye of very important and very powerful people. She quickly gained trust of allies and climbed the ladder of the Republic army, becoming a Sergeant at a very young age. Soon enough she got invited to join the illustrious Havoc Squad as their shield specialist, which is not a position that you turn down...

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