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Lieutenant Evan Rolaris:

Born at the Mandalorian enclave on Dxun he was raised in the warrior culture of the Mandalorians and was quick to grasp the concept of honor and loyalty from his father. When Coruscant was sacked by the Sith many Mandalorians left to join the Sith military but Rolaris's father upheld the tenets of Mandalore the Preserver during the time of Revan and enlisted into the Republic's military.

His father was killed in one of the first battles on Balmorra, after the funeral he went to a Republic recruiter and enlisted. His upbringing as a Mando kept him a step ahead of the other troops and he quickly became known as a great trooper. During a battle on Alderaan his unit got cut off and surrounded by Imperial Battle droids. Instead of surrendering he rushed into the fight relying on the shielding unit of his Vanguard classed armor to protect him. He slammed into the nearest droid before blasting it at point blank range to bypass its shield. The other troopers in his unit seeing him take action quickly began returning accurate fire despite the situation seeming hopeless. Just as things started to look like they were turning around Sergeant Rolaris was struck from the back by purple lightning.

The kinetic power behind the force lightning lifted him up off the ground throwing him through the air. While he lived his shield was down and he could feel his skin was burnt in the area. He could barely turn but he managed to turn enough to see the Sith approach him.

As the Sith swung it was intercepted by a yellow bladed saber coming from the female Jedi who had put herself between him and the Sith. He blacked out shortly after and woke up in a Kolto tank a day later. Upon his recovery he asked who the Jedi was and was informed she was Jedi Master Rirya of The Eternal Order. He never got a chance to thank her as he was given order to report back to Coruscant at the SIS headquarters for reassignment to the Special Operations Group (SISSOG).

He arrived and was promoted to Lieutenant and given a wide array of training to handle any situation from Hostage rescue to Counter-terrorism, given a team he headed for Taris to handle a growing problem there.

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